27-28 February 2019, Rome (Italy)

The first Conference of the national network system for environmental protection (Snpa) will take place in Rome on 27 and 28 February 2019.
Three preparatory events in Ferrara (20 September 2018), in Rome (19 October 2018) and in Palermo (5-6 December 2018). A journey of seven months to present the activities of a system at the service of the country and listen to all the interlocutors.

Link to the official website. 

04 March 2019, Pesaro (Italy)

The environmental issue of contaminated sites has become very topical; there are many problems in the Italian territory: from the Sites of National Interest, to the landfills found not compliant with European legislation, up to the sites registered by the regional reclamation plans. The goal of the seminar is to share the progress made on the application of phytoremediation in our country with the aim of identifying new horizons for the definition of good practices with a view to sustainability of remediation, in order to provide concrete answers effective for the rehabilitation needs of our territories.
Silvia Paparella, General Manager of RemTech Expo, participates with a speach entitled "Technological Innovation in the Green Economy".

Download the complete program (Link).


20-22nd March 2019, Cairo (Egypt)

Watrex Expo is the international trade exhibition & conference for water & waste water treatment which provides a platform that connects trade exhibitors, buyers and suppliers to potential business opportunities in the industry. It is one of the most unique and comprehensive annual water events in Egypt, Africa and Middle East, showcasing latest technologies in the water and wastewater management sector. Watrex Expo is a perfect gateway for stakeholders from across the globe to penetrate into the vast and dynamic ecosystem of the Egyptian water industry to share business opportunities, network and explore innovative water solutions. Watrex Expo will be the connecting point between manufacturing Companies in Europe, USA, the Far East and The Importer Countries in The [MENA] Region.
Official Website (Link)


28-30 March 2019, Ferrara (Italy)

Following a twenty-year tradition, the month of March in Ferrara will be dedicated to the themes of Restoration and Cultural Heritage: three days of conferences, exhibitions, debates and working tables in an event that will anticipate the contents of the XXVI Exhibition of Restoration, Museums and Cultural Enterprises, this year scheduled on 18, 19 and 20 September, in concomitance with RemTech Expo, an international event dedicated to the protection and recovery of the territory, now in its thirteenth edition. In the setting of Palazzo Tassoni Estense, in the heart of the historic centre of Ferrara, numerous moments of reflection on the themes of restoration, architectural heritage, design, research and governance of the territories will take place according to an articulated programme, with particular attention to the territory of Emilia affected by the seismic events of 2012; themes that will be further explored in the programme of the Exhibition that, as usual, will take place in the pavilions of the Ferrara fairgrounds.

Download the full program (Link) and the summary brochure (Link)


28 March 2019, Naples (Italy)

The process of modernization and rationalization of the Italian fuel distribution network, characterized in the past by the widespread presence of sales points, according to recent Ispra data, has given rise to about 20% of the potentially contaminated sites in the country.  According to Assopetroli, following the Galimberti amendment, about 3,000 plants will be closed with the decommissioning of about 10,000 tanks and the probable start of numerous environmental procedures. The number of interventions, the location of sites often located in built-up areas and the nature of contaminants present in oil products, has made it necessary to have a targeted and simplified regulation aimed at the management of remediation procedures: the Ministerial Decree of 12 February 2015, n. 31. This day of study is therefore intended to be a first focus point on the subject, for an in-depth analysis of the administrative procedures updated to recent technical developments, together with the presentation of new remediation technologies with the aim of identifying sustainable solutions that combine environmental, social and economic interests. RemTech Expo is a partner of the event.

Download the full program (Link)


OTHER EVENTS (Road Show, Scientific Expeditions, Master ..)

January-December2018, Camerino (Macerata)

Polo di Scienze della Terra - Il percorso didattico formativo si prefigge l’obiettivo di formare esperti che abbiano competenze tecnico-scientifiche nell’ambito dei reati e degli illeciti ambientali e dotati di elevate capacità tali da consentirgli di risolvere le problematiche tipiche della Geologia Forense e di affrontare e discutere perizie e consulenze come consulente tecnico d'ufficio (C.T.U.) nei procedimenti civili, o come perito/consulente nei procedimenti penali. Corso rappresenta il corretto equilibrio tra teoria e pratica, poiché oltre alla trattazione della normativa di riferimento sottopone ai discenti casi e situazioni concrete, con analisi e discussione di casi pratici, ed elaborazione di esercitazioni.

Scarica il flyer per ulteriori informazioni


March-December 2018

“On the Trail of the Glaciers” is both a photographic and a scientific project that relies on inputs from specialized photographers and glacier scientists. It combines the comparison of photographic evidence and scientific research as a way of analysing the effects of climate change.  Through a series of expeditions over more than a decade the project is carrying out glaciological measurements and taking photographs of the planet’s most important mountain glaciers from exactly the same viewpoint chosen by the photographer-explorers of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Comparison of the archive and present day photographs reveals the extent of the melting of the ice cap, each glacier being a case study that serves to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change.

The scope of the project is to increase the awareness of the public at large of the issues surrounding the phenomenon of climate change. The dissemination of the data gathered by the project will contribute to the advancement of economic policies that are compatible with safeguarding the earth’s resources for future generations.

Given the importance and relevance of the topic of climate change, the expeditions are receiving more and more interest from companies and institutions of great cultural and scientific importance at international level, as well as by media around the world (see press release here)

The fifth expedition of the project is scheduled to take place in 2018April 18th in the Sikkim region under the world’s third highest mountain, the Kangchenjunga, and in Nepal, to the region north of Mount Everest.

RemTech Expo is already a media partner of the project together with other important players in scientific dissemination such as National Geographic. By participating in the Call, it is possible to support the project and the next expedition, taking advantage of international visibility in a context of high cultural and scientific profile.

To date, the non-profit Association Macromicro, promoter of the project, has already successfully completed the first four expeditions of the six planned and reached more than 2/3 of the budget for the fifth expedition, proposes particularly advantageous rates to become partners.

Thanks to an accurate assessment of the television and radio share, added to the readers and users of the websites and papers, the project was seen by over 180 million people worldwide.

Download the Sponsorship Opportunity document now and become a protagonist too! Additional information and details are available directly on the brochure of the project, on website or by writing directly to the organizing secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




30-31 January 2018, Milano

La Sostenibilità è una tematica di grande interesse per le Imprese Chimiche. L'industria Chimica sta cercando di migliorare la sostenibilità dei propri prodotti e dei propri processi riducendo l'impatto sulla salute, la sicurezza e l'ambiente durante tutto il ciclo di vita del prodotto. L'obiettivo di questa Conferenza è di discutere sulle molte questioni riguardanti la Chimica Sostenibile e di promuovere collaborazioni per Progetti innovativi, anche con Centri di Ricerca pubblici. Durante la Conferenza le Imprese potranno discutere sulle possibili attività connesse alla gestione responsabile del prodotto, all'innovazione e al loro finanziamento. 
Scarica programma e info utili (qui)


5,6 February 2018, Roma

Grazie al lavoro ormai decennale del Tavolo Nazionale, all’impegno della comunità dei Contratti di fiume  sempre più presente ed attiva in tutte le regioni d’Italia e ad una stretta collaborazione instaurata con il  Ministero  dell’Ambiente,  questi  anni  recenti  hanno  visto  l'affermazione dei  Contratti di Fiume in Italia, quali strumenti di partecipazione della società civile e delle  parti interessate ai processi decisionali di gestione delle acque e dei territori fluviali, lacustri e costieri.  

Uno dei temi che saranno affrontati nelle giornate del 5 e 6 febbraio è quello relativo alla proposizione di una Strategia Nazionale dei  Contratti di fiume, per la difesa attiva dei fiumi, dei laghi, delle coste, per la tutela delle risorse idriche e del  territorio.   
Il giorno 6 febbraio all’Auditorium del Ministero dell’Ambiente,si svolgerà  una sessione di lavoro dedicata al Premio Nazionale dei Contratti di Fiume 2018 curato da Alta Scuola,  dove sarà dato spazio alla illustrazione dei contributi pervenuti e alla premiazione dei Papers selezionati  dalla Commissione‐Giuria dell' XI Tavolo Nazionale Contratti di Fiume. 

Scarica il programma del 5 febbraio
Scarica il programma del 6 febbraio


8-10 February 2018 , Taormina 
Workshop SiCon 2018 - SITI CONTAMINATI - Esperienze negli interventi di risanamento                                      

Il SiCon, le cui precedenti edizioni si sono svolte a Roma, Brescia e Taormina, è organizzato dai gruppi di Ingegneria Sanitaria-Ambientale di Università degli Studi di Brescia, Università degli Studi di Catania e SAPIENZA Università di Roma in collaborazione con l’ANDIS (Associazione Nazionale di Ingegneria Sanitaria-Ambientale), il GITISA (Gruppo Italiano di Ingegneria Sanitaria-Ambientale) ed il CSISA Onlus (Centro Studi di Ingegneria Sanitaria Ambientale) di Catania. Il SiCon è un’occasione di proficuo confronto tra gli operatori del settore e vuole mettere a disposizione dei partecipanti un ampio quadro di quanto è stato ad oggi realizzato nel campo delle bonifiche, con specifico risalto agli aspetti tecnico-operativi.

Scarica il programma preliminare (qui)

22-23 February 2018, Roma
Corso di Analisi di Rischio Siti Contaminati e RISK-NET

Nei giorni 22 e 23 febbraio 2018 si svolgerà a Roma il nuovo corso (modulo avanzato) su Analisi di Rischio e software Risk-net. 
Il modulo avanzato, destinato ad utenti già a conoscenza dei fondamenti dell’analisi di rischio e di Risk-net, è finalizzato a fornire conoscenze approfondite sulla procedura di analisi di rischio mediante l'illustrazione dei principali fattori di trasporto e dello sviluppo dell’analisi di rischio in condizioni particolari (ad esempio in condizione di saturazione). Verranno forniti elementi avanzati per il pieno utilizzo del software Risk-net 2.1 e verranno fornite indicazioni operative per la gestione di dati di soil gas e flux chamber. Saranno presentati ed elaborati durante il corso casi studio e verranno affrontate le principali criticità applicative, facendo riferimento ai più recenti sviluppi normativi (DM 31/2015 punti vendita carburante) e linee guida sull’analisi di rischio emanate dal MATTM (novembre 2014 con revisione 2015). Verrà infine presentata la versione Risk-net 3.0 di prossima uscita.

Programma dettagliato e informazioni per iscrizione a questo link.

22,23 February, Brussels

The event will update stakeholders on the Commission's strategic approach to industrial policy and actions to further develop industrial competitiveness in Europe. It will also serve as a forum where stakeholders contributing to European industrial competitiveness can showcase their activities, learn from each other, discuss cross-cutting issues and develop joint visions for the future. Stakeholders will come from a variety of industrial sectors, finance, research and innovation, public government and administration.

Draft program

Official website


15 March 2018, Milan (Italy)

Assoreca, Green Economy Network and RemTech Expo organize  in Milan at the Assolombarda headquarters the national conference dedicated to the use of scientific evidence in environmental crimes trials. Among the interventions: Accreditation to guarantee scientific laboratory tests; New scientific evidence in the environmental field; Support for research on hydrogeological investigations on environmental crimes; Survey instruments in the possession of the judicial police: the experience of Noe. With the coordination of the President of Assoreca, Francesco Andretta, Riccardo Bellato, President of the Green Economy NetworkAssolombarda and Silvia Paparella, General Manager of RemTech Expo, will introduce the themes.

Download the full program

Download the conference proceedings


23 March 2018, Fontanellato-Parma (Italy)

The aim of this International Conference is to focus on the subnational and national governments policies in relation to the climate change actions linked to the water management resources: water scarcity, flooding and extreme natural events. National and international governments will share their visions, values, goals and strategies in the morning session while the afternoon session will be dedicated to the presentation of case studies and concrete experiences of governance models in different sectors and territorial areas.

Language: English 
To participate you must register at


27-28-29 Mars 2018, Parìs (France)

Congrès-Exposition International sur les Sols, les Sédiments et l'Eau (International Conference-Exhibition on Soils, Sediments and Water).

See more, here.

12, 13, 14 April 2018, Catania (Italy)

Progetto Comfort, tenth edition, confirms as the most qualified event in Southern Italy, about energy sustainability, environmental protection and promotion of the green economy, as well as a clear reference point, always active and interactive, in which knowledge sharing assumes strategic importance to support exhibitors and communities in the main development sectors.
ENEA, in partnership with RemTech Expo, will organize a meeting by title: Efficient use of resources and circular economy in the building industry. Problems and opportunities for the public and private sector.

Soon on line the complete program.
Progetto Comfort


14-18 May 2018, Munich (Germany)
IFAT 2018

IFAT is the Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management, and is a place where visitors can find strategies and solutions for using resources in intelligent cycles in a manner that ensures their long-term preservation—with a great deal of success.

Spanning an exhibition space of over 230,000 square meters, 3097 exhibitors from 59 countries attended IFAT 2016 to showcase their products, innovations, and services. 45 percent of the fair's exhibitors came from abroad.

For more information, see the website IFAT2018

16-18 May 2018, Ravenna (Italy)

Fare i conti con l'ambiente confirms its national training character with the 2018 edition: In fact, the upcoming edition will include 4 Higher Education Schools: the Ravenna event, which will take place from May 16th to May 18th, sees the panel of the offer and of the professionals involved grow every year.
In fact, the upcoming edition includes 4 Higher Education Schools: 1) Higher Education School on Local Public Services, 2) Higher Education School on Reclamation of Contaminated Sites, 3) School of Higher Education on Waste Management, 4)  School of Higher Education on Water Systems Management.

For more information on the event and for registration:

Organizing Secretariat:
By labelab, for information and details contact the Labelab Organizing Secretariat:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


18 May, 2018, Pesaro (Italy)

RemTech Expo is partner of the Conference dedicated to Naturalistic Engineering in contrast to the hydrogeological instability and in the defense of the coasts in the Mediterranean area. Organized by Alta Scuola, Ecomed Erasmus Plus, Province of Pesaro Urbino, Jemmbuild.
Download the complete program and flyer.

Registration on the website


21-23 May 2018, Bergamo (Italy)

RemTech Expo, with the INERTIA section, will participate in the fourth symposium dedicated to Urban Mining and Circular Economics with a networking session in which the problems still open, the opportunities for companies and operators in the construction sector, the role of the PA will be addressed. Provisional title of the session "Prospects and opportunities to increase the efficient use of resources in the construction industry",

See the detailed program(updated 03/05/18)
Further information on the website, SUM2018


22 May 2018, Roma (Italy)
Preparatory Event Coast 2018

It will take place on 22 May at Palazzo Montecitorio (Sala Aldo Moro), the first preparatory event RemTech Expo 2018 related to the Coast segment.

The Smart Ports project, organized in cooperation with the association Assoporti and Ispra, provides targeted action in order to: spread the knowledge and culture of environmental protection and management of risks that characterize the territory, with particular reference to coastal and port system.
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone 0532-909495, web site

See the full program here.


24-27 May 2018, San Donà di Piave (Venice-Italy)

Terrevolute- Festival della Bonifica is an event that is divided into several days dedicated to environmental issues, agriculture, landscape and, more generally, the relationship between water and land.

- an event aimed at all citizens, with shows, concerts, exhibitions, installations, book presentations, guided tours and food and wine tastings;
- in the scientific symposia experts will discuss issues such as land use, rational management of water resources and hydraulic safety;
- an opportunity to meet and exchange for professionals in the environment and agriculture.

Festival della Bonifica is promoted by: Anbi Veneto, Association of Consortia for the management and protection of the territory and irrigation waters; Consortium for water reclamation of Eastern Veneto; DiSSGeA - University of Padua

Participation is free! More information on the site dedicated to the event (link)

Discover the program


6 and 7-9 June 2018, Beijing China
CIEPEC 2018 China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference 

China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference (CIEPEC, sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, P.R.C. (MEP) and exclusively organized by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) biennially, is the most prestigious environmental show in China as well as the world’s famous event for environmental technologies, products and services.

With 30 years continuing efforts, CIEPEC has been playing an important role in assisting government to pursue environmental strategies, policies, investment plans and to guide market development. Besides an amount of top domestic enterprises, a multitude of exhibitors from North America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries and regions participated in CIEPEC. CIEPEC is regarded as the best platform to exchange leading-edge environmental innovations, explore business development opportunities and obtain first-hand information on the environmental market in China.

Download the provisional program.

See more information here


7 June 2018, Trieste (Italy)
POSIDON - Environmental sector: demand side policy of the European Commission to create new markets for innovation

Five European procurers facing a common challenge together to leverage public demand and identify fit-for-purpose and cost-effective innovative and sustainable solutions to soil decontamination. The common challenge faced by the POSIDON buyers’ group is identifying a soil (and eventually groundwater) remediation new, life-cycle, cost-effective technology, preferred as in-situ (and eventually on-site), to be capable of decontaminate heterogeneous anthropic soils in brownfield, composed by a mixture of industrial waste (like filling soils highly polluted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons) and soils consisting on clays and sands, highly polluted by Petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs and PAHs), and heavy metals. The objectives of the meet-the-market event are:To present the project and the common unmet challenge,To make an introduction of PCP and its implementation in POSIDON, To find out whether technologies are commercially available and acquire information about the advantage and disadvantages and the level of coverage of the desired functionalities;To identify market risks potentially able to endanger business goals and supplier performance;To enable and increase the opportunities for industry to form fit-for-purpose consortia;To share and solve doubts and thoughts about the tender procedure.

For information and registration see the website.
Manuela Masutti | tel. +39 040 3755297 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Martina Terconi | tel. +39 040 3755258 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Download the full programe here.


8 June 2018, Orvieto (Italy)
GOVERNANCE H30 - Participative construction of new governance scenarios of resources and natural risks
Preparatory Event RemTech Expo

The event is part of the activities promoted by the FRANCA project, funded by the European Commission under the LIFE Environment tool, with which the concrete application of the anticipation paradigm is tested in the area of ​​resource management and civil protection. already successfully used in other areas of socio-economic development.

Two topics will be discussed: the first focused on the management of extraordinary excesses of water in different morphological contexts, and the second, in contrast, focused on critical issues determined by the scarcity of water resources, both in acute and chronic form.

Further information:
High School Secretariat, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stefano Fait, Autonomous Province of Trento - Bacini montani service, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Filippo M. Soccodato, H3O Governance Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the complete program, here


11-16 June 2018, Ravenna (Italy)
DISS 2018 / DELTA INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL "Resilience Coast Effects in Rural Areas".

The University of Ferrara, together with the  School of Studies on the City and the Territory of the University of Bologna, and thanks to the funding of the LAG DELTA 2000 in the context of the PAL LEADER MIS.19, promotes the international and interdisciplinary summer school on the themes of the landscape DISS.
The DISS will be held in Ravenna (Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste) from 11 to 16 June 2018.

The DISS is FREE and accredited to the Regional Order of Geologists, to whom 3 places are reserved.
Download: event flyer, detailed program and registration form (to be completed, signed and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
For more information, visit the website.


19 June 2018, Rome (Italy)
Seminar - Event Preparatory RemTech Expo

The event is part of the preparatory activities for the work-tables organized within GeoSismica, a thematic segment of RemTech Expo dedicated to the seismic risk topics, with which the concrete application of the project is tested in the field of prevention and civil protection. Fifty specially convened experts, coming from national institutions, Parliament, Regions and local bodies, Professional Networks, Professional Associations, Universities and Research Institutions, business and industrial world, will be together on a participative day.

See the full program, here


22 June 2018, La Spezia (Italy) 
Environmental quality, coastal and port development: through eco-dredging, the necessary coexistence is now possible! 

In the Italian port landscape, dredging is one of the main problems that too often determine a situation of impasse and blocking of development. At the same time we see a growing erosion along our coasts, which has reached over 40% and that compromises and erodes the potential of our tourism sector year after year, which can boast unique potential in the global panorama.
Silvia Paparella, project manager RemTech Expo, has been invited as speaker.

See the provisional program (here) and the press release (here).


28 June 2018, Rome (Italy)
Preparatory event RemTech, Inertia, RigeneraCity, ChemTech

It will take place on 28 June at Palazzo Montecitorio, the first joint preparatory event of RemTech, Inertia, RigeneraCity and ChemTech. Organized in collaboration with ISPRA and SNPA (National System for the Protection of the Environment). They will participate as authoritative expert speakers in the relevant sectors.

The conference is reserved for authorities, administrations, businesses and professionals regularly registered at:
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone 0532-909495, web site

Download the program, here


10-12 July 2018, Lagos (Nigeria)
WEST AFRICA WATER EXPO - International Water Treatment & Technologies Exhibition

The scene of the Exhibition will be Landmark Centre which is one of the great place for such a crucial event.

West Africa Water Expo 2018 is a medium where many immensely important goods are likely to be exhibited. Most of these tend to be about Water Treatment, Waste Water and Water Storage. International Water Treatment & Technologies Exhibition is organized annually.

The meeting provides a beyond price educational experience and an opportunity to network with primary minds in the field, as well as an international community of around 6000 Environment & Waste Management professionals from every subspecialty. The organizer of the West Africa Water Expo 2018International Water Treatment & Technologies Exhibition is Elan Expo.

WAWE EXPO offer unique value to companies, associations and other industry players connected with Water Expo and serve them through our huge national and international network and resources which offers access to foreign embassies, chambers of commerce, industry associations experts and consultants, construction companies and water project contacts, as well as downstream industry matches.

See more information here.


16-20 July 2018, Rio de Janeiro
FMGM2018 - 10th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics

The program will include Special Lectures, Technical Presentations, Young Engineer and Poster Sessions, Exhibitions, Workshops and Technical Tours, as well as a parallel non-technical program.
The role of field performance measurements in the risks assessment and control of the natural geohazards and in the design, construction and operation of engineered facilities, has become a fundamental issue in engineering practice.
The 10th FMGM will cover traditional and innovative themes and will give those interested in instrumentation and measurements an opportunity to meet to exchange ideas, experiences and, above all, to strength the concept relating security, economy and other social and welfare demands with field performance measurements.

For further information, visit the website (here).


13 September 2018, Ferrara (Italy)   

Press Conference Presentation of  RemTech Expo 2018
At the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara  will be held on September 13th at 11.30 the Press Conference of Presentation of RemTech Expo 2018
Download the complete program


19 September 2018, Ferrara (Italy) - Invited only
Opening of the Photographic Exhibition "Trough the Streets of the World"

At the end of the first day of RemTech Expo (Wednesday 19 September 2018) the Opening of the photographic exhibition "In the streets of the world" by CITER will be held at Palazzo Tassoni (Ferrara). Project manager: Prof. Romeo Farinella (University of Ferrara), Coordinator: Arch. Laura Abbruzzese.  Welcome Cocktail with projection of photos taken during the “Getting together meeting”, photographic project within RemTech Europe, in collaboration with Architecture Department of University of Ferrara.

Download the program. (Invited only)

20 September 2018, Ferrara (Italy) - Invited only

On Thursday, September 20, at 8 pm, you are invited to Meet-in-RemTech by Night Renaissance, which will be held in the middle of the historical center of Ferrara. "Meet-in-RemTech" is a unique evening where all the RemTech Expo protagonists can meet,talk, discuss, in a cozy atmospher, tasting typical products of our land. The evening is open exclusively to the Committees, Delegations, Guests, Invited. Places are limited!

Download the program. (Invited only)


5 October 2018, Ferrara (Italy)
INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL - Urban Regeneration and Adaptation to Climate Change - Urban redesign and transformation: regeneration, resilience and adaptation to climate change

During  the  Festival di Internazionale in Ferrara (5-6-7 October), RemTech Expo is organizing the conference "Urban Regeneration and Adaptation to Climate Change Urban redesign and transformation: regeneration, resilience and adaptation to climate change" to be held on 5 October at the Municipality of Ferrara (Sala Arengo).
The conference is open to all and free.
Further information: RemTech Expo +39 0532 909495 +39 0532 900713 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Download the program.


22-26 October 2018, Bologna (Italy)

Between climate change and land use: river restoration for a new balance of the territory.
CIRF, Emilia-Romagna Region and Central Emilia Reclamation Consortium organize a week dedicated to the river restoration from 22nd to 26th October 2018, as part of the networking activities of the European project LIFE RINASCE (LIFE13 ENV / IT / 000169).

The conference has as its general theme "Between climate change and land consumption: river rehabilitation for a new territorial balance", which will be declined in the following specific themes: Integrated programs and interventions; Conservation and recovery of the biodiversity of river corridors; Towards a circular economy; The redevelopment of river basins; Sustainable management of water resources between respect for ecological outflow and water quality protection; Ante and post-operation monitoring of river requalification interventions; Processes including the active involvement of local communities in the management of river corridors and in the use of their resources.

You are all invited to send your contributions by 23 April 2018 to take part in the oral and poster sessions! (visit the website for more information)

Download the full program


30-31 October 2018, San Paulo (Brazil)

SustRem 2018, jointly with XI Seminário Ekos Brasil, will be the pioneer conference related to contaminated sites with a particular focus on social challenges. The First International Sustainable Remediation (SustRem) Conference in Latin America seeks to address these social challenges, providing a benchmark of understanding to practitioners and a call to action to reduce the impact to the environment and improve the way we manage social challenges associated with site restoration projects and change the current social and environmental conditions. Participants in the conference will network with the best professionals in the field, to become active and effective stakeholders.

Download the flyer (information and call for abstract)


20-25 October 2018, Dubai and Abu Dabi (Emirates)

In preparation for Dubai 2020 expo, Emilia-Romagna Region - with the General Consulate of Dubai, with the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi, ICE Dubai and France Dubai Law Firm - organizes a mission in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where are scheduled: institutional meetings, "lighthouse" events for presenting national excellences and attracting investments, public and private bilateral meetings in order to develop procurement opportunities, parallel events and high-profile networking activities. RemTech Expo is part of the Economic Forum dedicated to businesses that will be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. RemTech Expo will also be part of Wetex, the international event dedicated to WATER and ENERGY.

Official website Wetex

29-30 October 2018, New Delhi (India)

Italy participates as a Partner Country at the 2018 edition of the Technology Summit: two days of work, with technical seminars and  business meetings (B2B, company presentations, work tables). The italian President of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, will participate, with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. RemTech Expo is part of the CLEANTECH focus area.

Official website Indian-Italian Technology Summit


5 and 12 November 2018, Bologna (Italy)

Training courses for geologists, engineers and architects.
In Italy the seismic risk affects more than 40% of the population and 45% of the territory.
The imperative need to drastically reduce the seismic risk requires, in addition to strengthening the public technical structures, both technical and cultural growth of professionals and the awareness of the population that can and must be defended by the earthquake. The course includes a first part dedicated to the mechanisms of the seismic source and the propagation of the waves and the characteristics of the near-field motion, an aspect often overlooked with nefarious results. The merits and limits of the deterministic and probabilistic approaches for the calculation of the seismic hazard and the consequences in the definition of the seismic action will be illustrated, with particular reference to NTC2018.

See the full program and information for registration, here.


14-15 November 2018, Baku (Azerbaijan)

From the 13th to the 16th of November 2018, in accord with the Italian Embassy in Baku and the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection Ispra, RemTech Expo will be part of the national delegation to Baku, Azerbaijan
Among the main target of the mission, are at first places, the presentation of the Environmental Action Plan of the Ecology Ministry, the technical and technological presentations of the Italian operators, the organization of Institutional and commercial meetings, open round tables and bilateral matches to develop concrete opportunities of business for the Italian companies in Azerbaijan and the visit to the event Caspian Ecology 2018. 
RemTech Expo is part of the official program and one of the speakers at the workshop which will be on the 14th of November at the presence of the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mr. Mukhtar Bahadur oglu Babayev.

Official website Caspian Ecology


19-21 November 2018, Kalmar (Sweden)

The conference aims to promote knowledgeresearch and international cooperation within the areas of environmental science and environmental engineering. These aims are accomplished by plenary sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, exhibitions, study visits and scientific papers. Linnaeus Eco-Tech is based on the Quadruple Helix cooperation between university, industry, municipality and public sector. 
Linnaeus Eco-Tech has been an academic tradition since 1997. The conference is organized by Linnaeus University every second year. One of the main goals of the conference is to promote research and education cooperation among the countries around the Baltic Sea and the World, towards sustainability. 
See all the information about the 11th International Conference on the Establishment of Cooperation between Companies and Institutions in the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Sea Region and the World, in Kalmar, Sweden 19–21 November 2018here.

Download the flyer.


20 November 2018, Roma (Italy)

At the headquarters of the Extraordinary Government Commissioner, Gen. Giuseppe Vadalà, will be held the participatory meeting 'Reclamation of contaminated sites and safety - Public procurement consultation for innovative solutions'. It is a day of discussion and consultation, concerning the activities of the Commissioner and possible use of innovative technologies. The program, coordinated by Monica D'Ambrosio Director of, involves the participation of Salvatore Micillo, Alessandro Bratti, Stefano Ciafani (tbc), Silvia Paparella and the intervention of Gen. Giuseppe Vadalà and Major Aldo Papotto with focus on remediation and safety measures implemented, results obtained, expected, future activities and calls for tenders. 

Download the program HERE


29-30 November 2018, Taranto (Italy)
V NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING SCHOOL - The Contaminated Sites: Characterization, Analytical methodologies, Risk analysis, Reclamation

The Division of Chemistry of the Environment and Cultural Heritage of the Italian Chemical Society in collaboration with the SCI - Section Puglia and the Order of Chemists of Taranto organizes the V National School of Environmental Monitoring on the theme "Contaminated sites".
The School is open to all those who, both for study and professional reasons (researchers, industry technicians and public control bodies, young graduates, doctoral students, etc.) have an interest in investigating the problems related to the monitoring and management of contaminated sites, from the point of view of the unbreakable link between scientific research, environmental protection, valorisation of resources and economic development.

Download the flyer with information about Organization, Program, Subscrition.


4-5 December 2018, Belgrado (Serbia)

UN Environment and Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia and Italian Ministry of Environment are organizing the conference “Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe” that will be held on 4-5 December p.v. at the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade
The conference aims to involve the countries of south-east Europe on the issue of pollution and innovative solutions in terms of reduction and monitoring, and to offer an institutional platform for the development of a joint regional approach on this issue in view of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 4) to be held on 11-15 March 2019 in Nairobi.
The conference also envisages the organization of a second day of work that focuses on multi-stakeholder discussions and which can bring together the various relevant actors in the field of monitoring and reducing pollution. It is also open the "call for posters on innovative solutions to pollution" that is published on UNEP website.
Here the link to the call

For more information contact Filippo Montalbetti (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel: (+43 - 1) 26060 5412) or Harald Egerer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Conference official website

24 January 2019, Milan (Italy)

After 1 year of experimentation at the Copernico laboratory in Fondazione Filarete the results of the research will be exposed and the first prototype of a sensor developed and tested for the measurement of emerging compounds (PFAS) will be presented. The new technology (MIP-SPR) has been developed to provide an innovative solution to monitoring contaminants in water; this technological evolution will allow the creation of effective tools, for a measurement also in real time, reaching the highest management standards.
RemTech Expo will participate with a speech regarding the Research and technological innovation in the green-economy, speaker will be Silvia Paparella General Manager of RemTech Expo.

Download the complete program (HERE)


12-14 February 2019, Brescia (Italy)

The SiCon is an opportunity for a profitable comparison between the operators and wants to make available to the participants a broad overview of what has been done in the field of remediation, with specific emphasis on technical-operational aspects. With this objective, case studies of rehabilitation and securing of contaminated sites on an industrial scale will be illustrated. The Workshop also includes a session dedicated to risk characterization and analysis and a session dedicated to the most recent results of scientific research on remediation technologies. Finally, there will be a technical visit and a special session on the integrated urban-environmental approach to the remediation of contaminated sites, in which the results of the work carried out by the Working Group of Brescia University "Reclamation of contaminated sites" will be presented and discussed which includes experts in the legal-administrative, economic-financial and technical-operational fields.

For more information: Ellisse Srl This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Ph. +39 030.3531950.
Download the complete program (HERE)


South Africa and Italy have signed an agreement to promote co-operation on water management and governance, as well as skills and research development. The agreement fosters joint projects and initiatives, sharing of best practices and knowledge to contribute to solving the realities of climate change. The Webinar will highlight opportunities for public and private sector initiatives within this framework. RemTech Expo and Water Show (Johannesburg, South Africa) are involved as INTERNATIONAL platforms for exchange and comparison between institutions and companies. 

Official language of the Webinar: English. Free participation with registration to this LINK.
Download the official program HERE
Download the slide presentation:

Giuseppe Bortone, Direttore Generale Arpae e Presidente Assoarpa
Silvia Paparella, General Manager RemTech Expo
Tendani Nditwani, Project Manager NWSMP South Africa Department of Water Sanitation


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