The Hub for Ecological Technological Transition - HuTTE, was born from the natural evolution of the Technological Hub for Sustainable Remediation, to analyze technical and scientific aspects of environmental issues, in the perspective of a future of recovery and development, basing its foundations on a wide and prolific network of relationships that combine the world of institutions, business and all citizens in a place of constructive debate.

It is essential to find the connection between ideal and the real, between planning and actualization, supporting the various levels of Government in the Country and the productive sector in sustainable choices that can qualify the interventions making them effective both in terms of employment and economic returns with concrete environmental effects. Actually, project choices and ecological transition are not only an indispensable defense of nature and against the effects of climate change in the interest of future generations, but they represent an important opportunity for development, job creation, connection between scientific research and industry.

HuTTE, the acronym in German means Hut, we intend it as a place to meet, socialize, exchange ideas, in the sign of full sustainability starting from the natural elements that compose it (earth, water, plants).

HuTTE is a Hub in perfect synergy with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the CNR, ISPRA, the Italian Commissioner for the Remediation of Illegal Landfills, and with the participation of all major public and private, national and international players, with the aim of promoting the value of land remediation and environmental regeneration at national level, also in accordance with the recent EU Action Plan - "Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil" and the Green New Deal.

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